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The plea follows press reports that Ntv – which runs its trains under the Italotreno brand - may have to shed nearly a third of its 1,000 staff following losses of €156m in its first two years.

Italotreno passenger numbers are rising steadily, but its trains are still less full than those of state-run Trenitalia.

There have also been stories of petty attempts to undermine the newer private operator.

Italy's problems were underlined by the 2014-15 World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness rankings out today that have confirmed Italy’s dismal status compared to its key EU rivals France, Germany, the UK and Spain.

Ntv (Nuovo trasporto viaggiatori), one of the high-speed operators, appears to be in danger of derailing, it says, hit by a mixture of underhand tactics from its state-owned rival Trenitalia, and indifference from politicians.

The company today took out full-page advertisements in national newspapers demanding that the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi act to create a level playing field, after new operating charges imposed by the state-owed rail operator look set to increase its network charges from €120m to €140m a year.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was just 11 years old when boffins at Pisa University sent a stream of data - travelling at mere bits per second - to Roaring Creek, Pennsylvania.

With it, they ushered in a new era: Italy had connected to the internet for the first time.

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Italy's internet woes boil down to repeated under-investment and neglect by our governments over the last 20 years," a spokesperson for the Italian government's digital agency, Ag ID, told The Local.

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