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It follows the general plot of the novel (the main storyline of imprisonment and revenge is preserved); but many aspects, including the relationships between major characters and the ending, have been changed, simplified, or removed; and action scenes have been added. In 1815, Edmond Dantés, Second Mate of a French merchant vessel, and his friend Fernand Mondego, representative of the shipping company, seek medical help at Elba for their ailing captain.

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Afterward I got a note from the entertainment director to remove the phrase “knowing each other biblically” and my tried-and-true swear substitute “mother-flower.” But the good news was that “Johnson” was acceptable.

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(a) In the proceeding for an elective share, all property, including any beneficial interest, which passes or has passed to the surviving spouse, or would have passed to the surviving spouse, but was renounced or disclaimed, must be applied first to satisfy the elective share and to reduce any contributions due from other recipients of transfers included in the probate estate, so long as the property is passed to the surviving spouse: (1) under the decedent's will; (2) by intestacy; (3) by a homestead allowance; (4) by Section 62-2-401; (5) by a beneficiary designation in life insurance policies; (6) by a beneficiary designation of an Individual Retirement Account, qualified retirement plan, or annuity; (7) in a trust created by the decedent's will; or (8) in a revocable inter vivos trust created by the decedent. If there is no surviving spouse, minor or dependent children of the decedent are entitled jointly to the same value. (c) A subscribing witness to any will is not incompetent to attest or prove the will by reason of any charge within the will of debts to any part of the estate in favor of the witness, the witness's spouse, or the witness's issue as creditor. (2) "Divorce or annulment" means any divorce or annulment or declaration of invalidity of a marriage or other event that would exclude the spouse as a surviving spouse in accordance with Section 62-2-802.

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The long-term goal of the Common Draft project is to serve as a lasting, public repository of carefully-drafted contract provisions that cover a wide variety of business needs, with annotations, commentary, and student exercises. A receiving party might want an expiration date for confidentiality obligations as a safe harbor. A disclosing party will want to follow up to be sure that the return-or-destruction requirement is actually complied with; if it were to fail to do so, a receiving party (or a third party) could try to use that as evidence that the disclosing party did not take reasonable precautions to preserve the secrecy of its confidential information, as discussed in this annotation.

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In 2013, she starred in the independent comedy-horror film All Cheerleaders Die as Maddy.