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Oldowan tools were therefore the earliest tools in human history, and mark the beginning of the archaeological record.The term "Oldowan" is taken from the site of Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, where the first Oldowan tools were discovered by the archaeologist Louis Leakey in the 1930s. They are found in Europe somewhat later, from about 1 mya (0.7mya for Britain).The Palaeolithic is by far the longest period of humanity's time, about 99% of human history.The episode column starts at #1 with the very first episode (10/19/97) and increments by 1 each week, whether there was an episode or not. The "number" can be found by adding 242 to the "volume", should you need to convert between the two formats.

By default only episodes from the current year are displayed; but alternatively all episodes may be displayed.

They are first developed out of the more primitive Oldowan technology some 1.8 million years ago, by Homo habilis.

It was the dominant technology for most of human history.

It reached its peak with early species of Homo such as H. Acheulean is the industry of stone tool manufacture by early humans of the Lower Palaeolithic era in Africa and much of West Asia and Europe.

Acheulean tools are typically found with Homo erectus remains.

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Now it is realised that stone tools were used much earlier (3.3 million years ago) and that was definitely before the genus Homo had evolved.

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