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Marques's mother sadly passed away when he was young, him and Omarion have the same father.Marques Houston recorded a solo album in 2003 entitled "MH" and has recorded yet another popular album in 2005 entitled "Naked", with the smash hit "All because of you", the second song on the album "Naked" has already released the video, but problems aroused as music networks like B. T, and MTV refused to air it because of its content, which they demanded in order for the video to be shown during Marques Houston born August 04, 1981, in Los Angeles, California."Narcus" was the ship name for Marcus and his ex-girlfriend Niomi Smart.They broke up December 2015, Marcus releasing a video titled 'What's Going On,' devastating hordes of fans.Marcus published 'Hello Life,' a part autobiographical, part self-help book on July 28 2015 in the UK and 10 November 2015 in the US."Malfie" is the collab name for Marcus and one of his best friends Alfie (Pointless Blog). They have done lots of different videos, including cooking tutorials and po box mail opening.

It was originally formed to raise money for Comic Relief, their single 'It's All About You(Tube).' Marcus tried to reunite the You Tube Boyband in March 2017 to no avail.

Marques Houston is successful in front of the camera or in a studio, he has major potential.

He has been featured in a lot of hit television shows, including Sister, Sister as the annoying next door neighbor Roger Evans.

He chose to attend Colorado to play for Gary Barnett.

) is a British You Tube Celebrity, vlogger and internet personality.

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