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However the gift giving associated with these descendant figures is associated with Christmas Day rather than Saint Nicholas Day itself.

Among Albanians, Saint Nicholas is known as Shen'Kollë and is venerated by most Catholic families, even those from villages that are devoted to other saints.

The Feast of Saint Nicholas is celebrated on the evening before 6 December, known as Shen'Kolli i Dimnit (Saint Nicholas of Winter), as well as on the commemoration of the interring of his bones in Bari, the evening before 9 May, known as Shen'Kolli i Majit (Saint Nicholas of May).

Albanian Catholics often swear by Saint Nicholas, saying "Pasha Shejnti Shen'Kollin! "), indicating the importance of this saint in Albanian culture, especially among the Albanians of Malësia.

The fact that the Krampus can be heard before he can be seen makes him even more frightening — replacing the joyful sound of sleigh bells with something far more sinister: the menacing clanking of rusty chains accompanied by the eerie tinkling of cowbells.

Banned by the Nazis “‘Krampus’ comes from a word in Middle High German, ‘’ which means ‘claw,’” said Britta Bothe, associate professor (teaching) of German at USC Dornsife. “We know Krampus dates back to before the Inquisition because it was banned then.

On the eve of his feast day, Albanians will light a candle and abstain from meat, preparing a feast of roasted lamb and pork, to be served to guests after midnight. The bones of Albania's greatest hero, George Kastrioti, were also interred in the Church of Saint Nicholas in Lezha, Albania, upon his death. Nicholas being the protector of sailors, he is considered the patron saint of the Greek navy, military and merchant alike, and his day is marked by festivities aboard all ships and boats, at sea and in port.

Guests will greet each other, saying, "Nata e Shen'Kollit ju nihmoftë! In Greece, Saint Nicholas does not carry an especial association with gift-giving, as this tradition is carried over to St. It is also associated with the preceding feasts of St. Savvas (5 December), and the following feast of St.

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As he lives at the highest point of the town we will get a good view of the fireworks which will be set off at midnight, assuming the weather manages to stay fine for it.

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Children who behaved badly may expect to find a twig or a piece of coal under their pillows.

In the Netherlands, "Dutch children put out a clog filled with hay and a carrot for Saint Nicholas' horse.

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