How to block sex websites in google chrome

Just as you can copy a file from one disk to another and have copies on both disks, a computer virus is in part defined by its ability to make copies of itself.

Exactly how a virus does this depends on its type, but can include propagation over removable media such as USB drives, networks, or network-based activities such as user downloads.

Many websites employ pop ups – additional browser windows that open up when you visit the site.

These typically contain ads for which the site owner is getting paid.

That’s why some blockers are more effective than others.

My theory is simply this: a URL [Uniform Resource Locator]URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator.

PUP is an acronym that stands for Potentially Unwanted Program.PUP is generally used to refer to programs that are accidentally or surreptitiously downloaded and installed, usually as an unexpected or unwanted side effect of installing something else.Most examples involve undesired toolbars, but this class of annoyance can be just about anything.Foistware may, or may not, include an option to be installed, but often installs without asking. Foistware” – the software that often appears on your system unexpectedly after installing something else. It’s possible your browser may simply be doing a good job protecting you.Spyware often works by forcing your browser to go to places you would never go.

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