Helioseismic dating

(Click on the image at right for an example.) They are mostly natural-looking.

By comparison, the images that make up the animation above, acquired by the GOES-West satellite, are different.

From October 1 to January 5, an almost non-existent 0.01 inches of precipitation was recorded in Flagstaff, Arizona, according to an update from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.Thanks to our influence on the climate through our emissions of greenhouse gases, we’re well beyond the range of natural changes to the Arctic climate system over a timescale of millennia.From this year’s Arctic Report Card, an assessment published every year by the U. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Despite relatively cool summer temperatures, observations in 2017 continue to indicate that the Arctic environmental system has reached a ‘new normal’, characterized by long-term losses in the extent and thickness of the sea ice cover, the extent and duration of the winter snow cover and the mass of ice in the Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic glaciers, and warming sea surface and permafrost temperatures. (Source: NASA Worldview) I’ve seen my share of satellite images of wildfires.Among all years without an El Niño, 2017 was the very warmest in the Copernicus analysis. Long, parallel bands of cumulus clouds are seen streaming out over the Atlantic. GIF animation: Tom Yulsman) Baby, it’s cold outside!This finding is particularly noteworthy because 2017 saw An animation of images acquired by the GOES-16 weather satellite shows a strong winter storm undergoing a phenomenon known as “bombogenesis.” Click on the image to watch the animation created by the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies. I explained that the term comes from a meteorological process called “bombogenesis.” It happens when a over 24 hours. This can happen when warm, moist air streaming up from the south collides with cold, dry air dropping down from the northwest. If you live pretty much anywhere in Canada, or in the United States east of the Rockies, that wonderful song from the 1940s pretty much sums up the conditions as 2017 draws to a close.

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