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Some people have (predictably) yelled at them for being straight girls appropriating male queerness.

Other people have written strange yaoi-focused analysis posts on them.

For example, whenever I wore a blouse or a skirt, I felt like this absolutely fabulous man: …who is also the page image for the tvtropes article on Camp Gay stereotypes. But having camp gaymale characters in media is not wrong, because camp gay men exist in real life too.

There’s something of a movement for fewer stereotypes in literature, and of course this is a good thing to support.

It’s the same type of dynamic that goes into “no homo” proclamations between ostensibly straight men- you don’t want to be a weirdo, and so you’ve got to distance yourself from the weirdness [1].

And hearing them talk about that was one of the most validating things I’d ever felt in my life. If you’re writing a book and your only gaymale character is camp, then maybe you should try to write a non-camp gaymale character in your next book or as an additional character as well.

There had been multiple times when I’d felt like an extremely effeminate gay man, and until these gaymale women shared their experiences no one had ever told me it was not only okay, but also to feel like an effeminate gay man. Or maybe you could flesh out his personality while still keeping him campy!

These will still be controversial – the major issue at stake here is sexist and transphobic ideas – but these words have the advantage of clarity and also of .

Did I mention that the word “fag” is a homophobic slur? It is not homophobic to be drawn to effeminate gaymale stereotypes.

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