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Letting them go will be easier on you when you see how much money they are losing you by being a bad employee.

(Now, this isn’t an excuse to go fire everyone, you have to do some training at times, but the point is valid) So, how often do you gently remind your staff of the goals you’ve set? And look at their progress each week, send them an email/text/phone call/smoke signal/bat signal/twitapic or what-have-you. If you don’t, have your office manager be the bear. Consistently re-evaluate and stay on top of your numbers.

What KPI do you feel our example is doing the worst in? Also if you have any feedback on the guide, I’d love to hear it.

Do you need more help tracking your practice's performance?

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For example, the Hygiene Production to Total Production number is less than ideal.

Obviously, we are under-performing compared to what our goal should be.(In this example, all the hygienists in question had similar experience levels and pulled from the same patient pool) Now we need to communicate with our employees what the goal is.If our ideal hygienist’s production is 5/day, then should we expect them to be there tomorrow? But you need to be realistic sometimes and there is nothing wrong with tiering that goal to be a three month process (/month increase in daily average) You can bribe them, but I wouldn’t.Cross training can be done between staff and if you do the math of an additional /patient for two of the hygienists and an additional a day for two other hygienist, this practice could add another ,000 month by just cross-training.I would advise a consultant come in at some point to up those production numbers but this is something that can be done today and isn’t too difficult to setup.

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Dentist Metrics specializes in helping dentists worry less about the business side of dentistry by providing timely, action packed advice on how to improve their practice's results.

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