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If you only want to be seen smoking Penzance in your three thousand dollar Dunhill pipe at your country club, than don't bother with Prince Albert. If on the other hand, you think you might enjoy a nice, clean tasting, even burning, non-biting burley tobacco, I offer these suggestions.Go to your local drugstore and get yourself a good quality corncob pipe.

What a joy it is sitting on my porch each morning, puffing on my old cob full of Prince Albert tobacco with my favorite blend of coffee.

Pouch/tub note: typical nutty Burley aroma; I detect no additional flavoring.

Contrary to several other reviewers, I do not detect any traces of propylene glycol.

The tub does a fantastic job of keeping the tobacco just right, even over a long period of time (right now, I am finishing a tub I opened 14 months ago, and the moisture content is just fine.

The "luxury" pouch is somewhat awkward and doesn't close well, making it difficult to keep the tobacco moist.

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