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This next generation trailer tester is easy to use by every technician within a fraction of time with clear accurate digital messages.

The includes all of the PLC ABS codes dating from 2001 and with the latest Roll Stability codes eliminating multiple operations and tools in one simple process.

Disney was hoping to cash in on the Broderick fan base, the younger generation that knows no better , or just to make some extra dollars to pad their bottom line, but there was no reason to resurrect this already problematic series.

I hated Elaine Hendrix's mesh between "Robocop" and "Judge Dredd".

Now living with his mom, he decides to spend Christmas with his dad at the mansion of his father's rich girlfriend, Natalie. See full summary » On the outskirts of Riverton, "The Safest City in America", a pensive Inspector Gadget sits in his Gadgetmobile, along with his canine companion, Brain.

Gadget is back on the job, on stakeout, but he is concerned that everything is too quiet in Riverton.

See more » At the very end of the closing credits and before the Walt Disney Pictures logo appears on-screen, a cartoon iris appears and we see Brain, wearing Baxter's "Bark Translator", quack three times.

See more » "Inspector Gadget 2" is possibly one of the worst sequels to dawn the direct-to-DVD call tag at the bottom of the box. ), with the aid of director Alex Zamm try to bring the original concept back the the series without any known budget.

The Inspector 920 is a complete, all-in-one trailer diagnostic system for ABS, brakes, and electrical testing providing the ability for one technician to perform a full inspection in one trip around the trailer.

The tester automatically identifies the ABS ECU issues and displays the necessary information to make repairs.

Wayne Szalinzki, a wacky, absent-minded inventor, is back again but only this time he decides to use his infamous shrink machine just one more time. See full summary » Kevin Mc Callister's parents have split up.

Considering the problems anatomically with this couple, there is no further spark between them.

The only reason the two are put in a this film are to be together, not for any other purpose.

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Penny still doesn't have her book and Brain still isn't getting anyone out of trouble. Too add to the mix, we are introduced to a new character "G2", the newest upgrade to the Gadget line.

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