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And it was a far cry from a dating show that purported to “serve the people.” Not surprisingly, widespread outcry only augmented the fame of the shows and their contestants, and SARFT—China’s State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television—eventually took action.In 2010, SARFT urged domestic TV stations to remember their social responsibilities and promote virtues advocated by the Chinese Communist Party.In many ways, dating shows became a powerful way to facilitate these changes.By looking at the development of Chinese television dating shows, we can see how love and marriage changed from a ritualized system mired in the past to the liberated, western-style version we see today.Economic liberalization had loosened restrictions for what could appear on the airwaves, but there was now the added pressure of turning a profit.More than ever before, networks needed to produce entertaining shows that attracted audiences.But over the past 30 years, these customs have been upended.

Other pointed retorts include “I won’t consider you if your monthly salary is under RMB 200,000” (,333) and “If you come from the countryside, you can forget about it.” Traditionalists have argued that the shows reflect the pervasive materialism, narcissism, and discrimination against the poor among China’s younger generations.Marriage matchmaking has always been an important cultural practice in China.For generations, marriage was arranged by parents who followed the principle of “matching doors and windows,” which meant that people needed to marry those of similar social and economic standing.Not that arranged marriages could be thought of as pure love.But, to some viewers, if there were an ideal of pure love, this certainly wasn’t it.

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